About Us

OneWedd is not just an online bridal boutique, it is the place where the most joyous and treasured moment in every women’s lives is shared and celebrated. We believe finding that perfect wedding dress is a part of the journey on the road to wedding day and here at #onewedd we have vast collections of beautiful wedding dress handcrafted meticulously to perfection by talented designers. Our wedding dresses are designed to flatter and accentuate all body shapes, so that every brides will able to look their best when they wear one of our wedding dress during their walk down the aisle.

Modern day brides are women who are intelligent, free-spirited, strong-willed, and unique much like wedding dresses in our collection. Each of our talented designers are unique and have their own fashion style; vintage inspired, bohemian and exotic inspired or the combination of both modern and vintage aesthetics. Thus, making each wedding dress a timeless piece and suitable for brides of every background,personality and style.

In addition to being wedding dress rental and purchase boutique, OneWedd is the starting point and gateway for new and talented designers to display their exquisite craftsmanship in designing couture wedding dresses. Through us the designers will gain exposure and received recognitions here in South East Asia countries before expanding their talent globally.