We would strongly recommend that bride should do their own research on the style and get some ideas on Pinterest, IG, etc. It is always to have a better idea with you before approaching to any bridal boutiques.

Things for consideration :

  1. Venue, i.e. Location
  2. Event Type, i.e. Garden Wedding, Church Wedding, etc.
  3. Themes, i.e. Boho, Modern, etc.
  4. Weather, i.e. What kind of temperature will you be in your wedding
  5. Style Preference, i.e. How do you dress daily?

The perfect timing would be at least 7 months before your actual day if you planning to make an order and at least 5-6 months for renting.

No worries! It’s FOC. We kindly ask you that to give us a notice at least 3 days before your selected appointment date if you need to cancel or re-schedule your fitting session.

Sorry to say, we strictly accept by appointment only. To avoid any disappointment, we strongly recommend secure your slot before you coming.

Seamless, nude lingerie, preferably a strapless bra works extremetly fine. If you have a favourite pair of shoes or wedding shoes that you planning to wear feel free to bring those along with you , but we do provide heels and veils for you whilst trying on dresses.

We suggest that you bring not more than 3 persons including you so that you won’t be flooded by opinions given from your guests. Because its all about your own preference on the dress you going to choose for your big day.

Made To Order gown will only commence the production upon receiving orders from customers.

  1. To place an order, customers will first come to our studio, to choose their favourite dress. After which, they shall have their body-measurement done by our experiences tailor and send the measurement to our designers and production teams. There are some design choices which we do not have sample dresses in the studio, but fret not! We can still order the dress for you, upon confirmation with the designers.
  2. Upon receiving details of measurement from us, the designers and their respective teams will then proceed to make your gown and dress according to the standard optimised size-categorization.
  3. The completed dresses are then air-flown back to Kuala Lumpur, for final fitting and ready for collection.

Made-to-Order is different  from Custom-made where it comes to the “design” aspect of the dresses and gowns.

Custom-made gowns are “designed” by individual customers, and shall be produced according to the design submitted by customers.

Whereas, Made-to-Order dresses and gowns were ‘designed’ by our renown designers, and will be produced base on the customer’s measurements upon receiving an order.

Made to order dresses usually takes 4-6 months to make. So, we highly recommend you to visit you at least 7 months before your actual day.

We will always order the size that is closer to your body figure. However, bride tends to slim down when they get closer to their wedding. At this point, we will offer a FREE OF CHARGE professional tailor service to do a minor alteration so that you can fit well into the gown for your wedding.

We hear you! We know the struggle of being a petite bride. Good news is certain designers’ collection that we carried offers a custom size ordering for petite body figure. Please don’t be shy to contact us, we are more than happy to assist you on this matter.

Due to the variety selection from our carried Designers’ collections, we only carry certain samples from each of the designers. If you have anything in mind that are available from the designer’s collection, we are always welcome and available for order. Kindly contact us and tell us what you need when you are at your try our session with us.

We accept several payment methods as follow:
– Credit/Debit Card
– Online Transfer
Please note that we will only proceed with orders with actual payment being made and met with the agreed terms and condition.

We understand there are a lot of temptations out there, however, once the order (MTO or Rental) had been placed, the order (MTO or Rental) will not be able to cancel and the deposit is non-refundable.


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