"Simple" Has Become The New Standard...

In the past 8-6 years, I been to quite a number of wedding events from friends, relatives, parent's friends, cousins and etc.
One thing I realise was the gowns that worn by these brides were pretty much the same to each other.
Don't get me wrong! A classic strapless ball gown with long train was the most "DEMAND" style back then...
But sadly, it is dying...
Now, the new wedding era for Millennial has arrived!
You see, Modern, Simplistic, Unique and Comfortable has become the new requisites for the unconventional Bride like you especially during this covid time.
If you are getting married now, chances are you probably one of the Millennial group.
And as a Millennial, you want something more easy going, no restrain, and it's convenient especially in your wedding.
You want a gown that speaks your language and resonate the most out of you.

But where you can find it?
Well, I know your struggle…
You see there are so many wedding boutiques around Malaysia, and there are thousands of dresses offering for you…
But it just doesn’t have the one “Simple Wedding Gown” that fits into your criteria.
So, what’s the solution?
Since there is no option out there, let me provide one for you!
In order to look for an alternative, I started to research and study on wedding gowns OUTSIDE of Malaysia…
What I realized was there are actually More Designers  than I can ever imagine of!
Not only the big names like Oscar De La Renta, Berta, Vera Wang, Monique Lhuilier, Pronovios, etc.
There are tons of the individual Designers around the GLOBE which are doing as good as the Big Names in the wedding market.
Even the small individual designer, lesser known globally…
Maybe only their own country, their design and craftsmanship has already blown my mind.
They are extremely incredible!
And among those big and small designers, I decided to go for Australia Designer brands as a starting point.
Because Australia Designers are on FIRE right now, and it is…

Nowhere To Be Found In The Whole Malaysia?

Frankly speaking, they are NOT EASILY AVAILABLE!…even in Singapore!
Australian designs are more towards fashion forward, cutting edge, and effortless.
And the designs are basically inspired by their laid-back lifestyles.
Cool bride like you, likes the adventure of seeking out your dream dress.
You’re looking for something your friends have not worn, something less traditional, as statement piece for your special day.
And that is the main reason why I decided to go for the Australian Relax, Chill and Effortless designs.
And now, Onewedd is The Only Rare Bird in Malaysia that provides a range of Australian Designer Styles wedding gown for you!
All gowns are available for Rent and Made To Order!
Isn’t it insane? You get to Rent the Designer Gowns from Australia!
So, Go ahead and click the on button below to book an appointment for try out

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A Word For You,

From The Founders Of Onewedd 
KL Malaysia

We always believe in “Less Is More”. A great explanation by Hans Hoffman “To eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speaks”

Same applies to your gown.

Many brides tried too hard on themselves, trying to be someone else and ended up being nobody.

And this is what we always tell them:
“The Less You Mimic, The More Authentic You”

So gorgeous, our words to you: 

            “Be Real, Be You!”  

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