“My name is Ben and this is Faye. We are the Founder of Onewedd."

A lot of people asking the same question to us: "Why we want to start this business?"

And the funny thing is I always answer the same to them...

"It is not my idea, it was Faye's idea. I was just trying to be a supportive boyfriend."

And then the arrow will pointed to her...

This is what she always says:

"Well, I always have a huge interests in fashion and I have some experience working in the fashion industry back then.

If i would be getting married I probably will have a hard time to look for the wedding gown...

Because the dresses that I truly want for my wedding are something special and at the same time that can speak to my name!

I think that is quite important for me and I believe it is also to everyone. And that's why I decided to start this business so that I can provide a solution to those have the same problem as I am."

And there you go. This is how we started Onewedd.

We started off by bringing in the wedding gown collections from Australian Designer Brands.

Because Australian designs are more towards effortless, simple, modern, clean and minimalist...

Which is the design that no one else currently have in Malaysia.

Besides that, I have been hearing the same issues from my friends and family regarding the limited choices they have when they choosing for "the one".

So, if you're also one of them struggling to find something unique, simple and yet not conventional...

Then, you have come to the right place.

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See you!

Ben & Faye