Down The Aisle (Atelier)

“Down The Aisle (Atelier) embodies exquisite details, meticulous craftsmanship and romantic memories to create every accessory with our heart. We create luxury handmade bridal headpieces, accessories and pearl jewellery with the finest details and materials. These are items that will carry your most important memories and we cherish making them for you with our passion and love”.

Rachel & Sunny, the founder of DTA believe in “Slow Fashion” when it comes to accessory. She believes that accessory that walk you through the baptism of years will never be out of the trend.

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Questions & Answers

1. What makes you want to start designing accessories?

Answer: With an educational and professional background in product design, it has always been my dream to create my own brand of accessories. Choosing and picking the right accessories have always been an important part of my daily life, as I believe when you wear the right style of accessories they complete your look and also brighten your day, no matter what occasion it is. So, when I started making the very first wedding headpiece it was the one I wore for my own wedding six years ago and it has since inspired me to create accessories that are unique, elegant and memorable for other brides as well. 

2. Tell us more about your brand and inspiration behind.

Answer: We wanted to create a brand that shows and enhances the beauty of every woman, with feminine, elegant, sophisticated and timeless elements. We want to focus on the meticulous details through our handcrafting and we are proud to be a local handmade brand from Hong Kong. Our inspirations come from a wide range of varieties such as fine arts, sculptures, mother nature, varies forms, silhouettes and curves, along with some other elements from our everyday life like the sparkles and glamour of the stunning night-scenes in Hong Kong.

3. What is your personal style? What do you usually wear?

My personal style is quite down to earth and minimal. Black and white are my favourite colour to wear, casual and comfortable is my way but always featured with a matching accessory such as pearl earrings, Tahitian pearl or Mabe pearl pendants, etc.. oh I’m a big pearl lover.

4. Who is your favourite designer/style icon?

Answer: Coco Chanel is one of my favorites, she’s an revolutionist at her time and she has inspired me in so many ways and I believe she has inspired a lot of female in the world too! Stunning architectural work from Gaudi and Zaha Hadid have always amazed me and broaden my eyes, reminds me that there’s no limits in designing and creating, theirs designs and work are truly timeless and the true masterpieces in my mind.

5. How do you get inspired and motivated season after season?

Answer: My inspirations are more abstract, so I get inspired from my daily life with both the old and new things I read and see. We are so lucky to be in this era with endless inspirations around us and keep boosting our creative minds. Also, there is a huge motivation and satisfaction for me when seeing the beautiful wedding photos of our brides wearing our accessories. When we receive photos from our brides seeing and knowing my accessories sparkles on their wedding days, there is a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and that keeps me going to design more beautiful accessories. Not to mention the compliments and heartful messages from our brides, these alone can keep us motivated season after season.

6. What would you feel when women wearing your design?

Answer: I feel like my vision has materialized and it’s the biggest satisfaction for a designer. There is also this feeling of being blessed and honored that our brides are choosing our designs and wearing our accessories in one of their most important days of their lifes.

7. What trends do you currently see in the bridal industry?

Answer:  It is trending towards smaller yet more detailed and refined accessories. At the same time pearls elements and tiaras are also gaining popularity recently. However our advises to the brides is always “to pick something that you love and that is suitable for your features”. 🙂 

8. Do you think that the current bridal industry is a big thing? Why?

Answer: The bridal industry is getting bigger and bigger especially in Asia, since brides are willing to spend more on their wedding these years. Brides are also having longer preparation time for wedding so they can spend more time to look and search for more options to complete their perfect dream bridal look.

9. What advices do you have for One Wedd Brides?

Answer: Our advice to all brides is to “Be true to yourself”. Always listen to the advices from your heart since they are usually the best for you. You will know when you find “the one”.

10. Finally, what can we expect from Down The Aisle in the future?

Answer: We are planning to expand our pearls collections focuses on Japanese Akoya and Mabe Pearls series with some very unique designs. Also, we hope to launch our new 2020 collection by end of this year. Please stay tune!