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Having a hard time to look for "Simple
but not too simple" wedding gown?

Our Designer Brands

We have flew-in a range of amazing simple wedding dress collections designed by several Australian Designers
and accessories from Hong Kong Designer that are cater for the modern & dare to be different bride like you.

Designed by

Cove Top & Rio Skirt

Designed by

River Top

Designed by


Our Exclusive


AVA Earrings
Evonna Earrings
Harriet Earrings

How About A Suggestion?

If you're not sure whether the wedding dress suits you...

We will provide a private consultation session prior your
try-out session start to give you a better idea and a clearer
path on your shopping.

“My name is Ben and this is Faye. We are the Founder of Onewedd."

A lot of people asking the same question to us: "Why we want to start this business?"

And the funny thing is I always answer the same to them...

"It is not my idea, it was Faye's idea. I was just trying to be a supportive boyfriend."

And then the arrow will pointed to her...

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Mar 9 2021

We been together for 23 years and now is forever. A simple and warm wedding that only have the closest friends and families. That's enough.

Dec 22 2020

The biggest project of 2020. Jessie (the photographer)and Wilson (styling) were raised and born in Kuantan. They gathered a team of amazing vendors from KL to Kuantan for this project.